Event Review: Cultural Talk – Fengshui In Business


On July 25th, our monthly Cultural Talk about “Fengshui in Business” (Phong Thủy trong Kinh doanh) successfully took place in the meeting room of VLS Central Campus. Prior to the event, a lot of attention had been drawn from business managers and white-collar officers, so not a single seat was left vacated. We were honored to welcome approximately 30 attendants from several highly prestigious organizations in HCMC, such as Park Hyatt Hotel, Standard Charter Bank, RMIT University, and the Embassy of Spain.

The host of the cultural talk was Dr. Bui Phi Hung, an expert in Fengshui (Phong Thủy) with 12 years of experience. During the presentation, he introduced and explained the main concepts of Phong Thủy as well as its applications to achieve well-being and maximize spiritual satisfaction. He also discussed the foundations of Phong Thủy study and how complying with Phong Thủy principles could better the chance to achieve success in Business.

For a brief summary, Phong Thủy is a study of a Oriental originated system of beliefs and practices to apply the laws of both Heaven and Earth to help improve life. As the name itself manifests, Phong Thủy comprises of two elements: Wind (Feng, Phong) and Water (Shui, Thủy) and aims to achieve the balance so that humans can co-exist in harmony with natural surroundings. One prominent example can be illustrated in the way to arrange an office. Common sense already suggests that a convenient office should first of all be kept tidy and clean. In order to do so efficiently, Phong Thủy provides many specific guidelines. These include:  remove unnecessary objects, reduce physical clutter, achieve balance of colors, and arrange desk positions according to the “8 compass sectors”.

Most important, it needs to be emphasized that the crucial secret of successful Phong Thủy applications lies not in hollow dogmata but in one’s clear conscience. A Vietnamese proverb states:”A hungry belly has no ears”, so attending a thousand religious Masses does not guarantee a single miracle to happen. In fact, one’s fate is determined not by the prayers that he has uttered but the actual actions that he has taken. Similarly, Phong Thủy is neither some kind of granted divine intervention nor empty superstitions. According to Phong Thủy, there exist 3 influential factors: Heaven’s luck (Thiên thời) that is one’s destiny, Earth’s luck (Địa lợi) that is one’s circumstances, and Man’s luck (Nhân hòa) that is one’s own choices. Without any of them, difficulties will appear; and only if one can combine all three of them harmoniously, success will then follow. To conclude, Phong Thủy philosophy serves as an aiding tool to comfort the environment, a common sense to maximize all potentials, and a spiritual relief to seek for the “peace of mind”. That is the true significance of Phong Thủy to appreciate.

Finally, there was a networking session after the talk when attendants enjoyed talking to each other and involving in further discussions with the speaker.

If you were unable to join our talk, we sincerely hope that the brief overview above has provided sufficient information that you may find helpful and practical. Furthermore, we hold these Cultural Talks every month, so we would like to invite you to the next one that is scheduled to take place on August 24th. What will be presented is not yet revealed, so stay tuned and prepare for a possible surprise to come!

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